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Topics Overview

1. "Integration with Semantic Web Services"
2. "Human Language Technology for the Semantic Web"
3. "An Introduction to Ontologies & the Semantic Web"
4. "Knowledge Discovery & the Semantic Web"


1. "Integration with Semantic Web Services" slides


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business-to-Business integration are very "hot" topics today in the business world as well as in the academic world. Web Services technologies are touted currently as the Silver Bullet solving all integration problems. Looking closer it becomes clear that Web Services are just a replacement technology for current integration software, not a better solution to the integration problem at all. The fundamental problem that integration solutions suffer from is that the semantics of the entities to be integrated are not formally addressed at all. Semantic Web technology combined with Web Service technology, however, has the ability to describe the integration solution semantically and overcome the current lack of semantics in integration software. This tutorial outlines the integration problem, shows the standards in the space and their limitations from a semantics viewpoint and proposes a set of semantic integration concepts as well as a semantic integration architecture that lifts current integration solutions to a new level of functionality.


Christoph Bussler, DERI
Kim Elms, SAP
Peter Smolle, NetDynamics
Stuart Williams, HP Bristol

2. "Human Language Technology for the Semantic Web" | Dr. Hamish Cunningham | slides

The Semantic Web (SW) is adding a machine-tractable layer to the natural language web of HTML. The Grid initiative is constructing infrastructure for distributed collaborative science, or e-science. Web Services are driving the decomposition of monolithic software into flexible component sets that can be reconfigured to keep ahead in rapidly changing markets. The three areas are closely linked: web technology is essential to the Grid; the Semantic Web and the Grid are co-penetrating to form the Semantic Grid; Web Services underpin the next generation of the Grid in the Open Grid Services Architecture; Semantic Web Services (SWSs) allow dynamic construction of applications from component services, and better service description and discovery.

Together these developments represent the next stage of evolution for the web, distributed computing and collaborative science. Key to the success of the enterprise is the production and maintenance of formal data. The SW and SWSs rely on formal semantics in the shape of ontologies and related instance sets, or knowledge bases. Whereas the simplicity of HTML and the ubiquity of natural language led to the organic growth of the hypertext web, semantic data is harder to create and maintain.
HLT provides the missing link between language and formal data, the glue to fix web services to their user constituency and enable easier enterprise integration.

This tutorial will cover the use of HLT for the Semantic Web and Web Services.

3. "An Introduction to Ontologies & the Semantic Web" | Dr. York Sure | slides

The Semantic Web is an extension of the current web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation" [T. Berners-Lee et al., 2001]. The key enabler of the Semantic Web is the need of many communities to put machine-understandable data on the Web which can be shared and processed by automated tools as well as by people. Machines should not just be able to display data, but rather be able to use it for automation, integration and reuse across various applications.

In this tutorial we will present the general idea of the Semantic Web and focus on ontologies as the core underlying technology for realizing it. We will present a detailed view on ontologies, show which tools are needed to build and maintain ontologies and illustrate their usage in existing applications.

4. "Knowledge Discovery & the Semantic Web" | Marko Grobelnik

The tutorial on "Knowledge Discovery & the Semantic Web" will focus on topics contributing to automatic and semi-automatic structuring of textual and other kinds of data (images, networks) which could be used to support the ontology generation (ontology learning) process. The methods described will be mainly from the areas of text mining, link analysis, machine learning and data visualization. The subject of Knowledge Discovery will be presented on various levels, from automatic analysis of atomic data units to identification of higher level concepts and structures in the form of ontologies. Prerequisite knowledge for tutorial attendees is a basic understanding of the complexity appearing in the data (e.g. web and document collections). There will be no need to understand the complexities of the presented approaches (although these will be mentioned). The tutorial will show most of the problems and their solutions through online demonstrations, which will not require deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms.

Christoph Bussler

Christoph Bussler ( is Science Foundation Ireland Professor and Executive Director of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at the National University Ireland, Galway in Ireland. In addition to his role as Executive Director of DERI, Chris leads the Semantic Web Services research cluster at DERI.

Before taking this position he was Member of Oracle’s Integration Platform Architecture Group based in Redwood Shores, CA, USA. He was responsible for the architecture of Oracle’s next generation integration product providing EAI, B2B and ASP integration. Prior to joining Oracle he was at Jamcracker, Cupertino, CA, USA, responsible for defining Jamcracker’s ASP aggregation architecture, Netfish Technologies (acquired by IONA), Santa Clara, CA, USA, responsible for Netfish’s B2B integration server, The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA, USA, leading Boeing’s workflow research and Digital Equipment (acquired by Compaq, acquired by Hewlett-Packard), Mountain View, CA, USA, defining the policy resolution component of Digital’s workflow product.

He has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Erlangen, Germany and a Master in computer science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Chris published a new book titled 'B2B Integration' (Springer Verlag, Berlin 2003, ISBN 3-540-43487-9), two books in workflow management, over 60 research papers in journals and academic conferences, gave tutorials on several topics including B2B integration and workflow management and was keynote speaker at many conferences and workshops.

His tutorials were accepted for presentation at DAIS 2003, CAiSE 2003, Net.ObjectDays 2002, at the federated conferences (CoopIS, DOA, ODBASE) 2002, SIGMOD ’02, International Semantic Web Conference 2002, the International Semantic Web Working Symposium 2001, SIGMOD ’01, IFIP Conference on Database Semantics 2001 (DS-9), ECSCW ’99, CAISE ’99, CSCW ’98 and EuroPDS ’98 conferences.

He serves as program committee member as well as reviewer at many international conferences. In addition, he is professionally active as member of many organizations including the Semantic Web Services Initiative and Semantic Web Science Association. He is frequently invited to present keynotes and serves as panel member.


Marko Grobelnik

Marko Grobelnik works at the Department of Knowledge Technologies of the J. Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia since 1984 as a researcher and project manager. He participated in several European, national, and industrial projects. In particular, he was intensively involved in the FP5 project SolEuNet (Data Mining and Decision Support for Business Competitiveness) and FP6 projects SEKT (Semantically-Enabled Knowledge Technologies), PASCAL (Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning), and ALVIS (Next Generation Information Search). Currently, he is collaborating in research projects with Microsoft Research on using deep-parse natural language information for better text mining performance. He is co-coordinating national research project on building an archive of the Slovenian Internet. Most of his research work is connected with the study and development of Data Mining techniques and their application on different problems in economy, medicine, manufacturing, and game theory. His current research focuses on Data Mining with particular interest in learning from text applied on large text data sets. He has published several papers in refereed conferences and journals. He has served in the program committees of different international conferences, he co-organized several international conferences and workshops including Workshop on Machine Learning in Text Data Analysis (at ICML-99), KDD-2000 Workshop on Text Mining, IEEE ICDM-2001 Workshop on Text Mining TextDM-2001, ICML-2002 Workshop on Text Learning, IJCAI-2003 Workshop on Text Mining and Link Analysis, and KDD-2003 Workshop on Link Analysis for Complex Behaviour Identification.


Peter F. Smolle |

Peter Smolle born 1941, graduated at the Vienna Technical College TGM and studied then computer science at the Technical University of Vienna. He started his work at ABB Mannheim as technical engineer for the design of rolling mills. He then worked for the Austrian Government as supervisor for subsidized development projects.

In 1970 he joined IBM. During 30 years of IBM experience he gained extensive experience in the entire IT spectrum, covering consulting, design, implementation and management of complex IT projects. He started at IBM as systems engineer for application development, then specialized as systems engineer on data base and application system development projects primarily working for the finance and government industry. Based on the experience out of those projects he made significant contribution to IBM's Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) and also to IBM's application development environment project ADE (Repository) when working on assignment at IBM's software development lab in Santa Teresa , California .

The next "milestone" in his career was the design and concept development of mega integration projects at large customers.

Before joining Net Dynamics, Peter Smolle followed a management career in various IBM departments like business development, solution marketing and finally he led the strategic outsourcing in IBM Global Services.

In the year 2000 Peter Smolle joined and was one of the founders of Net Dynamics Internet Technologies in Vienna .

His current position is Director for Marketing, Business Development and Sales.
Net Dynamics developed a brand new ontology based multi-agent platform, which hosts and manages intelligent software agents – FRED. This platform enables companies in almost every industry to delegate tasks to FRED. In doing so FRED implements a complete new and low cost way for collaborative process management, knowledge mining and web service based application integration. End users will be able to benefit from the Semantic Web by service based FRED capabilities.

Peter Smolle is also lecturing on different IT related topics at the Donau University of Krems in Austria.


Dr. Hamish Cunningham
Senior Research Scientist, Computer Science, University of Sheffield

Dr. Cunningham has been a software engineer, systems architect, and (for the last 12 years) a researcher in language processing and knowledge technologies. He has participated in numerous national and European R&D projects, published widely and contributed to the organising and programme committees of a wide variety of conferences and workshops. He currently manages ten staff and performs research in these areas:

•  Software Architecture for Language Engineering . Led development of the General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE – ) used by thousands of people at hundreds of sites.

•  Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web . Applying language technology to the automation of web semantics in the Advanced Knowledge Technologies project (AKT) and elsewhere.

•  Digital Libraries . The use of language technology to support richer annotation, indexing and collaborative modelling of culture, history and science.

•  Information Extraction . Participated in the MUC and ACE programmes. Developed finite state transduction IE over annotation graphs, and applied IE for indexing multimedia, for robust cross-genre analysis, for biodiversity research in flora analysis and synthesis, etc.

Dr. Cunningham is principal investigator for Sheffield on a number of research projects, including SEKT, PrestoSpace and KnowledgeWeb, and co-investigator on AKT. More details: .


Dr. York Sure |

Dr. York Sure is an assistant professor at the Institute of Applied Computer Science and Formal Description Methods (AIFB) at the University of Karlsruhe. York co-organized several national and international conferences/workshops and co-authored over 35 papers as articles, collections and book chapters in the areas of Knowledge Management, Ontologies and the Semantic Web. He is currently working on the integration of Human Language Technologies, Data & Text Mining and Ontology & Metadata Technologies to enhance semantically enabled knowledge technologies in the SEKT project (see

Further information: